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Coronavirus update: Activities suspended and community help

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus crisis, activities and groups at Inch House are suspended until further notice. The management committee are sorry, but we all have to contribute to keeping everybody as safe as possible. To slow down the virus, it is important that everybody isolates and reduces contact to others, even if this is very hard. Please follow the relevant advice (some links below). We are committed to the Inch community and are trying to find ways how we can give practical support people in the Inch. This is a new and unfamiliar situation. We are learning and don't have any solutions (and will probably make mistakes), and we are linking up with other groups in the neighbourhood.
We are looking for ideas how we, as volunteers, can help. Are there any problems that you face in your daily life under isolation where the community might be able to help? What support can you offer to others? You can contact us by sending us a message via the website or the facebook page.
Here are some useful ressources relevant to the local community:

  • NHS Scotland: Practical advice on social distancing, safe practices etc.

Inch Park in Danger!

Did you know that the Council is considering a plan to build houses for up to 2000 people in the middle of Inch Park?

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