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Inch House 
where past and present come together

Inch Community Centre is one of Edinburgh’s most dynamic community hubs, serving the local Inch district and extending a warm welcome to visitors from beyond. As well as offering traditional facilities for young and old and those in between, we are constantly developing new programmes and facilities for our rapidly changing local community. 

Unusually for a community centre, we are based in a magnificent old castle...

forgotten treasure

Inch Community Centre is housed in Inch House, one of the most remarkable and unspoiled historic buildings in all of Edinburgh. Inch House is based on a traditional Scottish castellated tower house, much of which appears to have been built in the 16thcentury...

The Inch
Edinburgh’s first “garden city”

The local community served by Inch Community Centre, although not as old as Inch House, also enjoys a remarkable and important history. This extensive housing scheme was built by Edinburgh Council from 1951 onwards as Edinburgh’s first “garden city”. This project was driven by the vision of offering people living in the congested and impoverished slums of the Old Town of Edinburgh the chance of better living conditions in what was then open countryside on the outskirts of the City...

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