Inch Park in Danger!

We would like to draw your attention to a serious threat to the future of Inch Park which we have learned about and which will need an immediate response by the local community if we are to have any chance of stopping it.

Inch Park Map for petition-01.jpg


If you would like to help protect Inch Park, please take a moment to do the following:


1. Please write to your local councillor and tell them you are opposed to this development (please remember to include your name and postcode).


2. Please let us know at : that you have made an objection. We will write back to you and keep you in touch about progress, if you would like to hear about further developments.


One more thing you can do,.....please tell other people!!

Please pass the word on to others about what is happening to Inch Park.

Please share this post.


Let's save our beautiful Inch Park together!