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Exploring Nature in Inch Park

Many local people love Inch Park, but how many of them actually know about the different kinds of wildlife to be found there? One of the new Adult Education classes being launched at Inch House this Spring, called Nature in Inch Park, provides the opportunity to get to know it better.

According to Juliet Wilson, the course instructor, Inch Park contains some surprisingly rich habitat with its extensive tree cover, grassland, a marsh and a stream running through it and it is home to a wide variety of different species. These include resident woodpeckers, tree-creepers and nuthatches, while kestrels, herons and buzzards can occasionally be seen there.

“We’ll definitely be trying to identify some of the many different plants and animals which live in the Park, almost on our doorstep”, said Juliet. “But the course will also try to give participants the chance to improve their nature-identification skills and to learn how to record wildlife properly. And we’ll be doing some wildlife photography as well.”

The first meeting of Juliet’s class will take place on Tuesday, 3rd May.

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