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Garden Transformations

Szilvia moved to the Inch a year ago and set about transforming her neglected garden to an amazing place of colour and life. With the help of her sons and friends from work, they cleared out the old garden, put up a new fence and regenerated her garden space. If you are thinking about transforming your garden Szilvia recommends Aldi and Lidl as great places for cheap plants - it doesn’t need to cost a lot to make a huge difference but you need to spend time on your project. You only need to do one thing a day and gradually you will start to see results. When planting she advised you find which areas of your garden are shaded and which are sunny - it’s important, as some plants need full sun while others prefer shade. She said tulips are her favourite flowering plant in her garden - cheerful and full of colour. Future plans for her garden are to try and source a greenhouse for growing vegetables and herbs.Transformations occur out of small changes made over time, the challenging part is keeping going and making sure you get to your end goal.

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