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Inch House looks forward to reopening again

Inch residents will be glad to learn that Inch House Community Centre is finally getting ready to re-open its doors to the public, although the exact date of the re-opening at present remains uncertain. This has been a long time in coming. The Centre was closed by Edinburgh Council in March 2020 at the beginning at the Covid Pandemic. Since then, various groups have been allowed by the Council to return, especially youth and education groups, but the Centre itself has remained officially closed.

Among the groups currently using Inch House are Liberton After School Club and Toy Library, but many of the traditional Inch House groups expect to return there during the next few weeks, while in May the Centre will launch an ambitious programme of Adult Education classes for local residents ranging from Bridge and Floristry to Guitar lessons and a Photography workshop.

We are now waiting to hear from Edinburgh Council when it will be possible to open up Inch House properly the general public (as opposed to members of groups or participants in Adult Education classes) and this of course will depend on the prevailing Covid situation. As soon as this is done, it will again be possible to accept bookings for private events, including hiring out the Centre’s Dinning Room for holding birthday parties or similar social events.

Even after it has officially re-opened, however, it will take some time before Inch House will be able to get back fully to the level of activity it enjoyed before the Covid closure. In particular, there will be more restricted opening hours until the Centre is able to build up its staff and janitorial team again. We will publish updates on our website and Facebook pages as soon as this information is available.

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