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Join us in our new community initiative starting this Sunday (20th June, 12-2pm) to remove the invasive species, Himalayan Balsam, from Inch Park.

This plant (Himalayan Balsam | Scottish Invasive Species Initiative), which grows in vast numbers along the Braid Burn, is a disaster for local nature. Few insects in this country can eat it, it smothers out native Scottish plants and causes serious erosion of riverbanks, which can lead to flooding. Getting rid of it is a major nature conservation goal.

Fortunately, it is a surprisingly easy plant to pull up by the roots and destroy. A group of even a few people working together can make a huge difference. And fewer Himalayan Balsams = more butterflies, marsh marigolds, yellow irises, wagtails and water voles!!

Inch House is therefore joining forces with all interested in removing it. We will be meeting twice-a-week at the Braid Burn (at the metal bridge near Old Dalkeith Road) on Tuesdays (6-8pm) and Sundays (12-2pm) until further notice. Representatives of the organiser, Inch Community Education Centre Association, will be present to assist at each meeting.

You should wear old clothes. For safety reasons, please wear disposable gloves and check our Safety Guidance here:

IPBB - Safety Guidance
Download PDF • 138KB

Please also note that the Braid Burn is deep in places and potentially extremely dangerous. Children should therefore only take part in this event if accompanied by a parent or guardian who will be responsible for them at all times. This activity is not suitable for young children.

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