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Inch Park Nursery Updates

Threat to build houses in Inch park removed – for now.

Inch residents will be relieved to learn that the proposal to build houses in Inch Park Nursery has been officially withdrawn. At their meeting on 29th September, Edinburgh Council’s Planning Committee gave their approval instead to an ambitious new project aimed at regenerating Inch Park (including the Nursery) for a wide range of community purposes, including leisure, recreation and education. A major goal of the project will be to try and conserve the character of Inch Park as a green space, so using it for house-building is out.

This is obviously excellent news for the community, for everyone who uses Inch Park and for everyone who lives in the Inch.

We would like to thank the many Inch residents who gave their support to our “Inch Park in Danger” campaign last year, by submitting formal objections during the City Plan 2030 consultation process, by writing to councillors, or by signing our online petition against the house-building proposal. Altogether 4,000 people signed our petition (over 600 from the Inch). We believe our campaign definitely made a difference.

The revised City Plan 2030 will now go out for public consultation. Starting on 7th November, residents will have 6 weeks to send in their views on the new plan, including on the regeneration project for Inch Park. But until the whole Council takes a final vote on the matter, there is still the risk that the house-building proposal can sneak back in again.

So please tell the Council what you think. The future of Inch Park still depends on it.

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